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Russian Queen Bee
Russian Breeder Queen (Instrumentally Inseminated) Russian Queen Bee (Open Mated)
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Taking Orders NOW for 2015  SEPTEMBER Queens

Russian Queen Bee. These Russian Queen bees are available in a Instrumentally inseminated Breeder queen , or open mated pure Russian queen from a Instrumentally Inseminated Russian Breeder Queen. The open mated  Russian Queens Naturally mate with the drones of all of the types of bees I raise here in my apiary. they can be Russian, Cordovan, Ohio Italian, Minnesota Hygienic or Carniolan.  They are excellent producers and winter well and Russian Bees that have shown mite resistance naturally and are NOT chemically treated for mites as genetic selection is a better option than chemicals in the long run as it will not select for stronger mites, but stronger and resistant bees! Pure Russian Queens mated to Pure Russian drones are available under Instrumentally Inseminated Queen Bees.

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