Beautiful Hardwood Hive Bodies and Frames!
Hardwood or Pine Hive Body
hardwood hive body- no frames (Walnut shown)hardwood Hive body view 2 w/o frames (Walnut shown)Hardwood hive Body with 9 frames (Walnut shown)
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This is a quality hardwood hive body made from Walnut, Oak , Cherry or other hardwoods as available! Fits 10 standard frames as well, or 9 of My hardwood frames of the same hardwood as hive body if ordered that way or separately. ( 9) frames give a bit more room for the bees (lessens overcrowding) and are 1/8 wider. wider comb allows more honey storage and easier uncapping if used as supers! Frames NOT included unless ordered. Extra Charge for Walnut and Cherry due to the large price increase in raw lumber costs.

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