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Cordovan Queen Bees, Cordovan Italian Queen Bees, Cordovan Queens, Mite Resistant, Survivor Stock
Cordovan Queen Bee
Cordovan Queen BeeAnother Cordovan Queen Bee
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Cordovan Italian Queen Bee. These Queen bees are a very gentle and blond/gold color bee variety of the Italian race. The coloration is caused by a recessive gene and makes the bees all light colored and queens very easy to find! They are raised from select breeder queens and drones that are both Cordovan and the resulting queens and workers are pure Cordovan. They are available in Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queens or open mated (Naturally mated) queens that are mated with my survivor stock of my Ohio and may also have some Russian, Cordovan, and Minnesota Hygienic drones that are present in my Apiary.  It makes for a very nice mix of gene diversity and good traits in a honeybee.The resulting bees from an open mated queen will have color variation in them, but the Queen will be a pure Cordovan. If you wish I also offer this queen in a Instrumentally Inseminated Queen that is a pure Cordovan as both drones and queen are Cordovan and the resulting workers are pure Cordovan also! The hives that are excellent producers and are selected for mite resistance naturally and are NOT chemically treated for mites as genetic selection is a better option than chemicals in the long run as it will not select for stronger mites, but stronger and resistant bees.

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