Propolis Trap, Propolis Collection Trap, Propolis Collection
Propolis Trap
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This is a simple to use propolis trap that uses a very heavy duty flexible screen to collect propolis.Is better than the plastic type that can break when cold and flexed to remove the propolis. The collection screen is also easily removable from the hinged wood frame holder. the screen is placed in the middle 1/2 of the open trap and then the top is closed over the screen and it is held in place by the pinching of the wood over the screen and the bees soon begin to deposit the propolis on the screen. when full, the beekeeper removes the trap, and opens the frame and removes the screen and places in a refridgerator to cool and then the screen is folded or bent to remove the propolis and then replaced back in the frame holder and on the hive below the inner cover to continue propolis collection. 2 screen types available: metal screen or fiberglas type

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