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Text ALL QUEEN BEES WE SELL ARE AUTOMATICALLY MARKED FREE! WE DO NOT EVER NOR EVER WILL, CHARGE A RIDICULOUS " Queen Marking Fee, or Wing Clipping fee" FOR QUEEN BEES that takes 5 seconds to do! It Is LIKE ATM FEES, BAGGAGE FEES. etc. Only to rip off the customer!

Quality Queen bees! Russian, Cordovan, Italian, Carniolan and Minnesota Hygienic, Breeder Queens, Nucleus Colonies, Nucs,  Instrumentally Inseminated Queen bees! Instrumental Insemination Services! Drone Semen, Fresh Pure Honey, Beeswax Bars, Honey bee removal, Observation hives,  Honeybee Photographs Custom,  Observation Hives and Hardwood Beekeeping Equipment!, Here are my beekeeping products and services that are presently available! More will be added soon so please check back often!



THE US POSTAL SERVICE HAS ADDED A "Special Handling fee" for lives. (Queen Bees)  I am sorry, But I have had to add this cost to shipping fees.


NO ORDERS OVER 5 Queens in any combination or variety of Queen Bees! I am NOT a mega breeder nor a re-seller! I raise all my sale queens here at my home, so  availability of large orders is NOT possible. Thank You.
Queen bees are 1 Queen Bee and 6 to 8 worker bees in the small 3 hole introduction cage. THEY ARE NOT FOR STARTING A COLONY! You Need to buy Package bees or a Nucleus colony! 

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Hardwood Shallow Supers and FramesHardwood Shallow Supers and FramesThis is a quality hardwood Shallow Super made from Walnut, Oak , Cherry or other hardwoods as available! Fits 10 standard frames as well, or 9 of My hardwood frames of the same hardwood as the Shallow super, if ordered that way or separately. ( 9) frames give a bit more room for the bees (lessens overcrowding) and are 1/8 wider. wider comb allows more honey storage and easier uncapping if used as supers! Frames NOT included unless ordered.
Hardwood Telescoping Hive CoverHardwood Telescoping Hive CoverThis is a quality hardwood telescoping hive cover! It is screwed together with glue and biscuit joints as well Not nailed! It is available in several hardwoods types, like Walnut , Cherry, Oak and others, Call or E mail if special wood wanted or for information!
Honey bee removal service (Swarm in tree etc) CALL 567-208 9594 or 419-365-9902 or 567-208-9593Honey bee removal service (Swarm in tree etc)  CALL 567-208 9594 or 419-365-9902 or 567-208-9593I remove hanging bee swarms from trees, bushes shrubs etc. It is a FREE service!!! In OHIO counties of HANCOCK, HARDIN, ALLEN, PUTNAM and WYANDOT OR CALL ME if you live outside these counties as I am flexible in driving range within reason.
Honeybee removal service from building or other structure. CALL 567-208-9594 0r 419-365-9902 or 567-208-9593Honeybee removal service from building or other structure. CALL 567-208-9594 0r 419-365-9902 or 567-208-9593I remove honeybees and honey bee swarms from buildings etc. The charge is 50.00 and up depending on how much of the wall or structure needs to be cut away to facilitate removal of the bees, combs honey etc. In OHIO counties of HANCOCK, HARDIN, ALLEN, PUTNAM and WYANDOT OR CALL ME you are close to these counties.
Instrumentally Inseminated Queen BeesInstrumentally Inseminated Queen BeesInstrumentally Inseminated Queen Bees. I will be offering Instrumentally Inseminated Queen Bees that will be available in late July. These queens will be Pure Russian ,Pure Carniolan, Pure Cordovan, Minnesota Hygienic, or specific hybrids that I will list here. Russian x Cordovan, Russian x Carniolan, Carniolan x Cordovan, survivor Italian x Russian 3 way hybrid Russian x Cordovan x Carnlolan. Please call or E mail me if you wish a certain Queen variety or hybrid
Italian Queen BeeItalian Queen BeeQuality Laying Italian Queen Bee. These Queen bees are a very gentle/survivor stock of my Ohio hives that are excellent producers that have shown mite resistance naturally and are NOT chemically treated for mites as genetic selection is a better option than chemicals in the long run as it will not select for stronger mites, but stronger and resistant bees.
Minnesota Hygienic Italian QueensMinnesota Hygienic Italian QueensMinnesota Hygienic Italian Bees. This strain of Italian bees were developed from the research by Dr. Marla Spivak at the University of Minnesota. These bees are bred to have a high degree of hygienic behavior, known to be effective against diseases of the brood such as American foulbrood and chalkbrood. This trait is thought to be two behaviors acting in synergy, the uncapping of diseased cells, then the removal of the pathogen along with the pupae, effectively disrupting the disease lifecycle. My open mated queens are bred from instrumentally inseminated, pure Minnesota Hygienic Breeder queens purchased from the best breeders in the country and are very fine queens and then are mated withy my drones from my other highly productive and gentle colonies to produce a gentle but strong and hygienic bee! With the Open mated Queens, they may also have some Russian, Carniolan and Ohio Italian and Cordovan Italian in them as these drones are also in my apiary. It makes for a very nice mix of g
Nuc Colonies from Package Bees with selected Queen VarietiesNuc Colonies from Package Bees with selected Queen Varieties2021 NUCS Nucleus colonies! SOLD OUT! SORRY! Package Bees installed into Nuc boxes with my Queen varieties that I produce here in OHIO, Including Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queens! I will pick them up and bring them to My home here in Forest, Ohio and Install them into 4 frame Nucs for PICK UP ONLY!!! NO shipping available!  $250 each. Please specify which queen type you wish to be installed in the package. NO refunds on Nucs after package bees have been Purchased by us for installation into the Nuc box as these also have to be built, painted etc. YOU MUST SPECIFY, Deep or Medium Frame size Nuc, or Deep size will be made. Thank You!
Observation HiveObservation HiveObservation Hive! 2 versions! Version 1. Holds 1 deep frame and 1 medium and 1 shallow frame. Version 2 holds 2 medium frames.  Available in Walnut, Cherry, or Oak hardwoods. Comes with Foundation, frames, but no glass due to breakage possibility in shipping. Glass can be obtained at local hardware store. Specify wood type when ordering please and allow 2 weeks for shipping and arrival as I custom make each hive as they are ordered.
Thank you
On Location Custom Instrumental Insemination ServiceOn Location Custom Instrumental Insemination ServiceThis Is a Custom service for beekeepers who wish to have their virgin Queen Bee Instrumentally Inseminated at their location!. $75.00 for this service per queen which includes collection of semen to inseminate her from your drones. For my semen that I must collect prior to arrival, and carry with me to your location ADD $25 per queen bee. She must be a VIRGIN Queen and between 6 and 12 days old. I can inseminate her with the Drone variety of bees that you wish from your stock My available stock for virgin queens or semen are: Ohio Survivor Italian, Cordovan, Russian or Carniolan, and Minnesota Hygienic She will be inseminated and then 2 days later anesthetized to stimulate ovaries and egg laying. The process takes about a 5 days to week from start to finish depending on the number of queens needed to be inseminated. Call or E mail to make appointment for this service as if local (near or in Ohio) the cost will be 300 or more depending if you live in the USA, or Alaska, Hawaii or out of
Propolis TrapPropolis TrapThis is a simple to use propolis trap that uses a very heavy duty flexible screen to collect propolis.Is better than the plastic type that can break when cold and flexed to remove the propolis. The collection screen is also easily removable from the hinged wood frame holder. the screen is placed in the middle 1/2 of the open trap and then the top is closed over the screen and it is held in place by the pinching of the wood over the screen and the bees soon begin to deposit the propolis on the screen
Queen Bee Grafting EaselQueen Bee Grafting EaselThis is a beautiful hardwood Queen Bee grafting easel! available for all 3 frame sizes (shallow, medium, deep) Please specify when ordering, what frame size easel is requested. Available in Walnut, Cherry, and Red Oak wood. Shipped assembled and varnished.
Russian Queen BeeRussian Queen BeeRussian Queen Bee These Queen bees are a open mated pure Russian queen from a Instrumentally Inseminated Russian Breeder Queen.They open mate with the drones of all of the types of bees I raise here in my apiary. They are excellent producers and winter well and Russian Bees that have shown mite resistance naturally and are NOT chemically treated for mites as genetic selection is a better option than chemicals in the long run as it will not select for stronger mites, but stronger and resistant!

PLEASE CALL or E-mail  at if you have any questions
Section Comb HoneySection Comb HoneyOLD FASHIONED SECTION COMB HONEY!! Hive fresh NATURAL COMB HONEY in 4 1/4 square basswood sections as the bees make it naturally! Floral source (clover, alfalfa, or wildflowers) will determine flavor. I do not select and separate the honey for Floral Source at this time but let the bees and nature determine that for me.
Virgin Queen BeesVirgin Queen BeesVirgin Queen Bees Are you looking to diversify your stock with new genetics, or have a special hive with excellent qualities and want to breed it with new queen stock? try my Virgin Queens! These queens are VIRGIN QUEENS and are available in all of my mated queen types. They will need to be mated with your stock either Instrumentally, or Open mated as queen bees naturally mate with the local drone population. They need to be introduced to the hive similar to Mated queens.
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Checking my Queen Nuc
Nice group of quality queen cells!


NO ORDERS  OVER 5 Queens at a time in any variety or combination!
5 only Please!


NO UNPAID ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED! NO ORDERS ARE EVER TAKEN OVER THE PHONE!  Orders are Only processed through the website and Card processor banks to protect customer security and ours!

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